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How to Keep Pets out of Plants

How to Keep Cats and Dogs out of Houseplants

Is your love for pets not meshing with your love for plants? It doesn’t have to be one or the other: we explain why pets get into plants and how to prevent that from happening again. Read on, home harmony awaits!

variegation in plants

What Causes Variegation in Houseplants?

Ever wonder what causes variegation in your houseplants, why variegation changes or reverts, or why some variegated plants are insanely rare and expensive?

Dehydrated Orchid Leaves

How to Save a Dehydrated Orchid

If your orchid’s leaves are leathery, floppy, and not firm enough to resist bending backwards, your orchid is likely dehydrated. If you peak at the root system and see withered, leathery roots, that’s even more confirmation.

Surprise you have cabbage

When Life Gives You Cabbage, Make Sauerkraut

Did you grow cabbage this year? Sauerkraut is a simple and delicious way to preserve and enjoy it. I unintentionally grew a lot of cabbage but was very excited with the opportunity to make sauerkraut.

Children love to help start seeds

How to Start Seeds Indoors this Winter

January and February are great months to start seeds indoors. The weather is likely cold where you are and the days are shorter, but you can start your gardening season this month to get a head start on planting time.

Cat in Christmas Tree - jessica lewis

Holiday Houseplants: Pet Friendly vs Toxic Plants

Thinking of getting or gifting a plant this holiday season? If you or your friends have pets, please be careful and consult our list of ten common holiday plants that are toxic to pets, and five safe substitutes.

winter garden covers

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Garden in December

Are you wondering what you should be doing in the garden in December? Here are five key things you can do to care for your vegetable garden when the days grow short and cold.