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Tower Garden

This vertical planter is a great add to any garden. If you’re short of space this could save you!

Blanket of Flowers

These snowdrops blanket the grow making a beautiful natural meadow. Show us the first sighting of spring around you? Do you have some bulbs peeking out yet?

Garden Pest

Planning ahead for this year’s garden may also include how to keep pests at bay. Chickens may be a solution for you! They love foraging for bugs in the garden.

Magic Beans

These beans do look magical! We love seeing a rainbow of colors. These Scarlet runner beans have the best coloration!

A Children’s Garden

Starting them young in the garden. We love this children’s garden. Having children play and explore the garden is a great way to teach them.


How ever you say the word we can all agree these tomatoes are amazing! Have you ever seen this coloration in tomatoes before? What variation of tomatoes are you planning on growing this year?

Plant Co-Workers

Working from home? Add a little spice to your desk. Your houseplants are your new coworkers these days. Do they have names?

Dreaming of Spring

This fresh lavender has us dreaming of spring. We can’t wait to get out in the herb garden. What are you looking forward to this spring?

Creative Space

This space is perfect for creativity. We love how you can change your plants and your art on the wire right behind to your desk. What would you hang up?