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Dah-ling Dahlias

We love these fall dahlias in dreamygardener2000’s garden. Blooms that linger through seasonal transitions are absolutely amazing.

Bottoms Up!

Check out this awesome pothos setup by zebodeko! We love these basket planters, and how cool is it that they’re hung upside down?! What a cool look.

The Plant Dance

What an awesome time lapse by Kate! We love how plants in the marantaceae (prayer plant!) family dance and move as the day progresses.

Harvest Isn’t Over Yet!

Looks like Mona had a great harvest this week! With strange temperature fluctuations and off-the-wall weather in various parts of the world, some folks are having their growing season cut short.

Sunset Blooms

What a stunning sunset over Jay’s garden. It feels like a little evening paradise!

Clover Cake!

What a beautiful cake made by mustloveherbs! We’re loving the incorporation of red clover, which can be a great easily forageable food as well. The blossoms are great in a little home made jam, too!

An Arrangement in Self Care

We absolutely love this photo by Bill. Even more so, we adore the fact that he brought in the beauty of these wildflowers to his home for a little self care! It’s fantastic when you know you need to give yourself a little extra love.

Noodle Beans!

Holy smokes! Check out these super long Chinese Red Noodle Beans that Joshua is growing! We love how unique they are! Are you growing any specialty vegetables this year?

Waxy Blooms

Check out this super cute candle Stephanie made! We’re loving the incorporation of herbs and flowers in it!