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Carved Pumpkins - Photo by Jen Theodore via unsplash

The Legends behind Jack O’Lanterns

The legends of jack o’lanterns (or jack-o’-lanterns) are surprisingly ones many people don’t seem to know. Why do we carve pumpkins and why do we call them jack o’lanterns? I love a good story, especially Irish folklore.

Harvest Isn’t Over Yet!

Looks like Mona had a great harvest this week! With strange temperature fluctuations and off-the-wall weather in various parts of the world, some folks are having their growing season cut short.

Noodle Beans!

Holy smokes! Check out these super long Chinese Red Noodle Beans that Joshua is growing! We love how unique they are! Are you growing any specialty vegetables this year?

pilar farmer market

Farmers Market Birthday Party!

Love to garden and all things produce? Throw a farmers market party and share the love of fresh produce!

Tomato Canning 101

Interested in canning your own homemade pasta sauce? Follow my adventure in the kitchen with Ms. Marion to learn how to can.

Weekend Gardener

We think Kelly nailed it with this one! The best thing about long weekends is having more time to spend in the garden!

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is a set of practices that minimizes any negative impact of gardening on human health and the environment.

11 Things you should be doing in September

September is a great time to be in the garden. The cooler weather is a warm welcome after a long hot summer. Don’t put your feet up and relax yet though. There’s still work to be done! Here are 11 things you should be doing in the garden in September.