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Purple Fun!

We are planning for the spring garden and the theme for next year is rainbow of color. Luay’s purple greens will be a perfect addition.

Fostering Growth!

What a BEAUTIFUL message from Marcus! Spread the love everywhere and boost one another. We love all his inspirational videos.

Victory Garden Veggies

Victory Gardens: Lest We Forget

Let’s go back in time and learn about the emergence of Victory Gardens and what this wartime gardening movement was all about.

Snow Resistant Color!

Love these ornamental kales that Julia has planted. They’re a fantastic way to keep a little more color going in the garden, even with a light dusting of snow like this!

lettuce head photo by Craig Dimmick via unsplash

3 Cold Weather Crops You should Take a Chance on

It’s never too late to start a garden. It might not look like your summer garden, but there are plenty of cold hearty crops you can continue to grow throughout the fall and winter.