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The healthy soil series, part 1: introducing the healthy soil classroom

Aaron Deacon, owner of Bios Nutrients knows a lot (a lot!) about soil. So much, in fact, that we reached out to him to see if he’d like to share some of his wisdom with us — and you — in a series we’ve decided to call “The Healthy Soil Classroom”.

Here’s a little backstory. When we first met Aaron in December 2021 and learned about his journey to find healthy ways to feed his plants, we immediately thought he could provide a ton of help to anyone who wanted to learn more about soil, and, along the way, how make their plants’ soil healthier. 

Aaron delivered — and then some. We got so much good and super useful information from him that we have a number of videos to share (seven, in fact). If you’re looking to improve the health of your plants’ soil, we’re sure you’ll find this series to be useful.

Click on through to part two of the Healthy Soil Classroom series, in which we learn from Aaron how to determine if our plants’ soil is healthy or (oh no!) unhealthy. See you in the classroom!

Side note: one of Aaron’s customers gave him the nickname “The blue-eyed scientist”, and we can see why. If you want to learn more about Aaron, head on over to his website, or find him on Instagram at @biosnutrients. 

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