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The healthy soil series, part 2: digging deep

In part one of our Healthy Soil series, you met Aaron of Bios Nutrients and got an introduction to what soil is and why it’s so important to your plants to have healthy soil.

In this next segment, Aaron’s going to take us through a little bit of diagnosis, to help you find out if your plant’s soil is doing well, or if it needs a little TLC so it can do its best job of nourishing and helping to ensure good, lovely plant growth.

Once you’ve determined the state of your plants’ soil, next up to is to determine how well — or not — they’re being fed by that soil. Don’t worry, doing the diagnostic part of this step’s not hard, and you most likely do it every day anyway.

So there you go. If you’ve followed along with the videos, now you have a lot of information to work with — from the health of the soil your plants are living in, to the health of the plants themselves. Next up: how to improve soil health (and even if you’ve found your plants’ soil is in quite good shape, thank you very much, you might enjoy watching these next videos — Aaron has so much good information to share).

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