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The healthy soil series, part 3: how to feed soil

All right. So here we are. In part one of our series we met Aaron, learned what soil is and why healthy soil is important. In part two, we had a look at our plants and their soils to find out if we were in the land of healthy or unhealthy soil. 

In this final part of our series, we’re going to learn from Aaron about how to nourish soil back to health. First up, a discussion of some traditional methods of improving soil health — Aaron takes us through the pros of using organic material (compost) to the cons of synthetic soil feeding — and why it’s best to stick to composting. 

And we’re going to finish up our series with a longer video (don’t worry, it’s just four minutes), in which we get a ton of useful information from Aaron about how to make soil health better for both our outdoor and our indoor plants — from compost to cover planting and determining PH levels and more.

Full disclosure — we actually thought briefly that we might shorten this video, but in the end we decided there’s just so much great and beneficial information in it that we couldn’t decide what to cut out. So we left it all in!

We really hope you found our Healthy Soil series helpful. We’re planning to have Aaron come back for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on one of our social channels, so make sure you’re keeping up with us on Facebook and Instagram so you can take part once we decide upon a date. 

Happy gardening, plant friends! Here’s to your (soil’s) health!

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