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3 Plant shelves

Tips for an instagram-worthy plant shelfie photo

Looking for some fun tips on how to create the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing shelves in your home, that will make for the perfect shelfie? Plants add lots of color and can liven up a room, making them a great addition to any boring old shelf.

3 Plant shelves

6 tips to spicing up your shelves with plants:

1. Pick your plant pots

When picking plant pots try to find some uncommon looking pots that are unique and will look good paired together. You could also spruce up old terracotta pots by painting them.

2. Choose a color scheme

Find a color scheme for your shelf and try your best to stick to it. This could mean picking plant pots, books, knick knacks that are all within the colors you have chosen.

3. Add meaningful items to your shelf

Whether it is items you have found on your travels, your favorite books or even photos of your friends and family. This will add meaning to your shelf and will help personalize it.

4. Choose your plants

Pick plants that are all slightly different, some smaller plants, larger plants, hanging plants, and different color and textured plants, really try and mix it up to add variety to your shelf.

5. Create a pattern with your plants

Stagger your plants and create a pattern with them on the shelf. This could mean a diagonal pattern or a zig zag pattern across your shelves. Adding your plants first to the shelf can help you better lay out where you want your plants to go.

6. Don’t be afraid to fill your shelf

Add as many plants as you please, and don’t be hesitant to really fill your shelves with lots of different plants!

Plant shelf
Plant shelf with books

Now that you have a beautiful looking shelf in your home, filled with your favorite plants, remember to take lots of photos because now you have an instagram-worthy plant shelfie.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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