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Top Plant Accessories for Devoted Indoor Gardeners

Our list of plant accessories to level up your indoor garden:

hanging terrarium

Air Plant Hanger
All plant enthusiasts know that as one’s collection grows, surface area diminishes. Plants can take up a lot of space, so get creative and utilize different heights in your space. A hanging plant pot will add depth and character to your room and save from overcrowding especially with air plants that should be clearly displayed. Air plants are light and grow without soil, making them an excellent candidate to display by hanging.

plant caddy

Square Plant Caddy
Most plant caddies are designed with function over form in mind. Often a very utilitarian look and not one that’s top on your list to have in your living room. This back-saving plant caddy has a sleek, simple and functional plant caddy with a minimalistic and smart look. When those large and in-charge (read: heavy) plants need to be moved around the house, this plant caddy makes doing so a breeze. Plants stretch and grow toward the light and therefore should be occasionally rotated to help them grow straight. Having a heavy plant on wheels makes this job painless and quick and you’ll have no excuse not to fully mop the floor now. This is the plant caddy you want.

indoor hose

Mini Coil Indoor Garden Hose with Sprayer
As much as you love your plants, trips back and forth to the kitchen sink to refill your watering can are tedious. If you’ve ever been tempted to bring your garden hose inside to water your ever-growing indoor house plant collection, your imaginative thoughts have met with reality. Easily attachable to a kitchen or laundry sink, this hose can reach up to 50’, cutting out numerous watering can refill trips. The nozzle is adjustable and can be set from a mist to a solid stream.

What are your must-have plant accessories for your indoor garden?

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