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Top Three Unique Succulents

Funky looking succulents might be what your indoor houseplant collection is missing. Easy-to-grow and maintain these three succulents are low-maintenance (not all succulents are!) and will add life into your interior space with ease. Aim to place these beauties in a well-lit spot, like near a windowsill where they can receive bright indirect sunlight for at least six hours. If they start to drop their leaves and look strange, leggy and lopsided it means they’re stretching for light and should be moved to a brighter spot.

Develop a regular watering schedule such as every ten days or so and they’ll be content and happily grow. Succulents store water in their plump leaves and can go for a while without water.

1. Panda Plant

Panda Plant
With almost minty green leaves and brown spots that border the leaves edges, this plant has fuzzy, fleshy leaves that will immediately relax you when you touch them.

2. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

These succulents are most commonly quite small with pointed leaves that have white horizontal stripes on the backside. This is a great starter plant if you’re just getting into succulents.

3. Burro's Tail

Burros Tail

This succulent is a feast for your eyes. Refrain yourself from touching it (too much or too hard) as it’s small, teardrop shaped leaves break off extremely easily. These plants are best hung, allowing for their stems to fall and trail.

Panda plant, zebra plant, burro’s tail… why not bring the whole zoo into your home!?

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