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Oh, we do love a good chat about vegetable gardening. A bumper crop of articles for you to dig around in, right here. Enjoy.

Meet gardening consultant Sean Smith

Book a 1:1 consultation with Sean to get expert advice about soil, soil health, compost and compost tea. Get personalized answers to your gardening questions, and help your plants thrive.

Sustainable Roots - Reid

Introducing gardening consultant Reid Williamson

Reid Williamson, co-owner of Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration, is now offering gardening consultations! Reid can advise you about invasive plant species management, Ontario native plant selection, tree and shrub planting, and garden planning.

Introducing: Consultations by gardenstead

We’re launching a new service: Consultations by gardenstead! For custom solutions to your plant and garden problems, questions and curiosities — book a one-on-one appointment with a gardening expert to get professional, experience-honed advice.

Starting seeds 101: tips for seedling success

Patrick Vernuccio, is back with another incredibly useful urban gardening video! This time, Patrick walks us through his process for starting seeds indoors, in a virtual seed starting tutorial. Plus, tips for making your own seed tray labels, by raiding your recycling bin!

AeroGarden Sprout

20 things you can grow in an AeroGarden

AeroGardens are indoor hydroponic garden systems, they’re “self-watering gardens anyone can enjoy”. The AeroGarden Sprout is the most diminutive of their garden options, but it allows you to grow three plants at a time, while only taking up a tiny amount of space.

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