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raspberry tree

Why you should Plant Fruit Trees in Fall

As fall is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to plant fruit trees! The cooler weather and the shorter days make it the best time of the year for growing fruit trees.

weird carrots

Why your Vegetables Grew into Weird Shapes

Have you ever noticed your vegetables did not grow into its regular shape and instead its shape turned a little wonky? But don’t worry there are ways to prevent it for the future.

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grapes on vine photo by David Kohler via unsplash

How to Grow Concord Grapes

Are you thinking of growing grapes? If the answer is yes, and you plan to grow concord grapes, read on to discover how easy it is to grow them at home.

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raspberry tree

Why you should Plant Fruit Trees in Fall

As fall is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to plant fruit trees! The cooler weather and the shorter days make it the best time of the year for growing fruit trees.

weird carrots

Why your Vegetables Grew into Weird Shapes

Have you ever noticed your vegetables did not grow into its regular shape and instead its shape turned a little wonky? But don’t worry there are ways to prevent it for the future.

honey lemon chamomile tea

Homegrown Herbs and Plants for Tea

There are so many fresh teas you can make using herbs and plants from your garden. Here’s a list of homegrown herbs and plants that make fresh and delicious tea.


Huitlacoche: the Mexican Delicacy

This Mexican delicacy, also known as huitlacoche, is a fungus that grows on the ear of the corn and causes the kernels to swell up into mushroom-like growths called galls.

natural bug repellent

Natural Bug Repellents for Outdoors

There are many natural alternatives that you can use instead of a chemical bug spray, which can cause many health and environmental effects.

frozen berries

How to Preserve your Harvest

With larger harvests, without preserving the foods they can go to waste because they will go bad before they can all be eaten. Here are some ways to preserve them.

square foot gardening

How to Maximize Garden Space

While you may not be able to expand your garden space, there are a few tricks that can help maximize your space and help you utilize your whole garden.

herb containers indoors ledge

Growing Herbs Indoors: Container to Table

Have you ever considered growing your herbs indoors in containers? Container gardening is very practical for those who may not have the space to grow outdoors.

Japanese Beetles

How to get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles can be a large pain in all of our gardens during the summer. These pests can be aggressive and the adults will eat through many of our plants.

succession planting garden

4 Methods of Succession Planting

Succession planting is when you stagger the planting of your crops to help extend your harvest. Here are 4 methods of succession planting.


How to Grow Healthy Pumpkins this Season

Caring for pumpkins may be a challenge, however it’ll be worth it when it comes time to harvest! Here are our tips for growing healthy pumpkins this season.

vegetable garden bed

How to Start a Community Garden

Community gardens are a great way to bring people together and spread the love for gardening. Here are our steps on how you can start a community garden.


Uncommon Vegetables you can Grow

There are such a large variety of unique vegetables that would make a great addition to your garden. Here are 6 unique vegetables that will spice up your vegetable garden.

Raised garden bed

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are perfect for those who have limited space in their garden but still want to grow delicious fresh vegetables. They are also great for people who have poor or compacted soil.


How to Know When to Harvest

Knowing exactly when to harvest is the key to growing delicious vegetables! Learn when your homegrown veggies are ready to be harvested.

Garden ladder

How to Decorate your Garden

There are so many ways to spice up your garden with some fun decor pieces that will help tie your garden all together.

assorted berries

How to Grow Berries

Grow your own berries so you can have a wide variety of delicious, homegrown berries from early summer all the way to the fall.

Landfill waste

How to Reduce your Food Waste

Food waste can affect both your wallet and contribute to climate change. Here are some ways to reduce food waste and be more mindful about the food you have.

Fruit and vegetables on table

How to Naturally Dye your Clothes

Looking to spice up your old clothes? How about dyeing them! Vegetables are a great alternative to chemical dyes, and are perfect to use for dyeing your clothes.

Egg Shells

DIY Fertilizer

All 5 of these homemade fertilizers are a great alternative to inorganic store bought fertilizers.

forest hiking trail

Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Taking time out of your day to step away from our technology and enjoy nature is very beneficial to our mental health.

green waste compost

Easy Steps to Make Compost at Home

These simple steps will give you homemade compost in six months! It’s great for your plants and garden, but is also a sustainable way to produce less waste.

Clay container and cement container

Guide to Container Gardening

Container gardening is an excellent option for small space gardeners. There is a wide variety of flowers and vegetables that can be easily grown in containers.

Rhubarb Plant

How to Grow Rhubarb

Rhubarb is great to add to your vegetable garden! It’s very easy to grow, and will bring a delicious flavor to your favorite desserts.

bell peppers

How to Create a Balcony Vegetable Garden

Those who live in an apartment, or don’t have much space can still enjoy gardening! These small-space vegetable gardening tips are perfect for you.


How to Grow Asian Greens

Asian greens are the perfect, easy-to-grow addition to any vegetable garden. They are perfect for stir-fry, soups and salads. Making them a must-have in your garden and kitchen!

Tower Garden

This vertical planter is a great add to any garden. If you’re short of space this could save you!

Garden Pest

Planning ahead for this year’s garden may also include how to keep pests at bay. Chickens may be a solution for you! They love foraging for bugs in the garden.

Magic Beans

These beans do look magical! We love seeing a rainbow of colors. These Scarlet runner beans have the best coloration!

A Children’s Garden

Starting them young in the garden. We love this children’s garden. Having children play and explore the garden is a great way to teach them.


How ever you say the word we can all agree these tomatoes are amazing! Have you ever seen this coloration in tomatoes before? What variation of tomatoes are you planning on growing this year?

grapes on vine photo by David Kohler via unsplash

How to Grow Concord Grapes

Are you thinking of growing grapes? If the answer is yes, and you plan to grow concord grapes, read on to discover how easy it is to grow them at home.

Loofah Growing

Trying to be more sustainable? Grow your own loofah! We love this pergola with loofahs hanging down. Have you ever grown your own loofah, would you try?

Backyard Beets

Beets are a wonderful vegetable to grow in your backyard garden. As you make your gardening plans for this spring don’t forget to add beets to your list!

Winter Harvest

Collard greens are a southern staple for Sunday suppers. What are you growing this winter to add to your suppers?

Garden of Light

We love Vanessa and Oscar’s innovations to use their trellis with lights so they can garden during the night. Do you incorporate lights into your garden?

Potting Bench

Mohamed’s potting bench looks perfect for storing all your garden gear and repotting needs. Do you repot on a bench or have a specific place you use to work on your plants?

Gigantic Carrots

Have you ever seen carrots this large? We love seeing different variations of produce. Do you grow something a little different? Show us your unique produce.

Gardening Gear

Helene has a beautiful gardening apron. What fun festive garden gear do you use? Would you sport an amazing apron like this one?

Children’s Garden

Bring your kids into the garden. Brooke’s fairy garden is adorable and is fostering imagination. Do you have hidden treasures in your garden? How do you teach your children about gardening?

sage leaves

Sage: A Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Better than just soothing sore throats and coughs with a lozenge, this natural sage gargle remedy takes care of the root cause of your sore throat: bacteria.

Garden Markers

Don’t forget to create some fun vegetable markers for the garden. The fun part of planning your next garden is sprucing up the place. These markers are bright which will help remind you what was planted in your garden beds.

Stop and Admire the Kale

Have you taken a break today and walked to your garden? Sometimes we can get caught up in this crazy world and we forget to PAUSE.

Give the Greens a Chance

Did you know that kale and collards are great vegetables to grow in the winter?

Show us your Winter Harvest!

How is your winter garden during this new year? Has anyone been able to pick a haven’t yet.

Bee Prepared

Planning your garden out for this new growing season? Don’t forget to plan for the bees! Planting an arrangement of flowers to attract pollinators is key in your success.

Starting Out Strong

Do you start your garden seedlings inside for a strong start or directly sow them into your garden? How does your seedling set up look like?

Planning Party!

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean our gardens are forgotten. What exciting things are you planning for your gardens this year?

Surprise you have cabbage

When Life Gives You Cabbage, Make Sauerkraut

Did you grow cabbage this year? Sauerkraut is a simple and delicious way to preserve and enjoy it. I unintentionally grew a lot of cabbage but was very excited with the opportunity to make sauerkraut.

Children love to help start seeds

How to Start Seeds Indoors this Winter

January and February are great months to start seeds indoors. The weather is likely cold where you are and the days are shorter, but you can start your gardening season this month to get a head start on planting time.

Seeds Galore!!

This seed storage is an organizer’s dream! This storage wall is a great way to display all your seeds. We like the aesthetic too! Do you display your seeds or keep them under lock and key?

Kimber in the garden

What I Learned in a Year of Gardening

Life lessons come in many shapes and over a course of time. As I sit and reflect on this last year of gardening, I smile at all the memories made.

Winter Hardy Greens

Niki’s harvest of her winter greens looks lush and delicious! She is able to grow year round using a hoop tunnel to protect her garden. Do you grow in winter

Botanical Butter

Holly has the most amazing butter! These botanical butter rolls look beautiful. Have you tasted delicious butter like this? Do you have something special planned for a holiday meal?

Kids in the Garden

The feeling of growing your own food is incredible but watching your children’s faces light up when they grow their own food is priceless! What veggies has your children grown in the garden?

Photo 1 - Garden leaf heart

How Gardens Increase Home Value

Thinking of entering the real estate market? Maintaining a beautiful and functional outdoor space can increase the price of your home — significantly.

Festive Chickens

We think Amy’s vegetable garland is festive and delicious for our feathery friends. We can’t forget to give our chickens some extra love this holiday. They will “cluck” over this tasty treat.

our dog with cabbage

How to Make a Dog Friendly Vegetable Garden

Are you considering bringing your dog down to the vegetable garden with you while you tend to your growing fruits and vegetables? Here’s how to make a dog friendly garden you both can enjoy.

Browsing seed catalogs

Seed Catalogs are Here!

Don’t have any seed catalogs in your mailbox yet? Here’s how to get your hands on free seed catalogs.

Greenhouse Surprises

What fun surprises do you have in your greenhouse? This disco ball creates a fun playful ambience in this greenhouse! I think their plants are doing a happy dance.

Winter Greens

Do you still have some leafy greens in your garden? Nothing better than harvesting late greens for a delicious salad. How do you continue gardening through the winter?

Festive Garden Wreaths

Feeling festive? Collecting greenery to create jolly wreaths seems like a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Kathryn’s wild garden wreath is inspirational with red berries, a mix of eucalyptus, and evergreen branches.

pull apart christmas tree pizza

Delicious Pull Apart Christmas Tree Pizza

Your friends are going to be so impressed when they see all your garden veggies on this easy to make, delicious pull apart Christmas tree pizza.

Natural Ornaments

This holiday season try getting creative like Carmen and create natural ornaments from your garden! Salt Dough can be cut into fun holiday shapes than pressed with seeds, flowers, or whatever you find interesting from your garden.

winter garden covers

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Garden in December

Are you wondering what you should be doing in the garden in December? Here are five key things you can do to care for your vegetable garden when the days grow short and cold.

paper lantern complete

DIY Garden Inspired Paper Lantern

My garden inspires me to do more than expand my garden and try new things. Have you made a paper lantern? Here’s an easy DIY paper lantern guide inspired by my garden.

Purple Fun!

We are planning for the spring garden and the theme for next year is rainbow of color. Luay’s purple greens will be a perfect addition.

Fostering Growth!

What a BEAUTIFUL message from Marcus! Spread the love everywhere and boost one another. We love all his inspirational videos.

Victory Garden Veggies

Victory Gardens: Lest We Forget

Let’s go back in time and learn about the emergence of Victory Gardens and what this wartime gardening movement was all about.

Snow Resistant Color!

Love these ornamental kales that Julia has planted. They’re a fantastic way to keep a little more color going in the garden, even with a light dusting of snow like this!

lettuce head photo by Craig Dimmick via unsplash

3 Cold Weather Crops You should Take a Chance on

It’s never too late to start a garden. It might not look like your summer garden, but there are plenty of cold hearty crops you can continue to grow throughout the fall and winter.

Got leaves?

It’s that time of year, the leaves are dropping. What to do with that mountain of leaves you’ve raked into a pile? Well after you jump into that pile a handful of times, use them in your compost!

Well Rounded

Check out this perfect head of cabbage Steve harvested last week! We still find it fascinating how the disorganized leaves of a cabbage seedling can come together into such a perfect ball of tasty goodness.

Reminiscing about Summer Growing

With the day’s growing shorter we can’t help but reminisce about our summer garden. Angela’s garden was thriving in June! Did you take a picture of your garden during its peak growing point this summer?

holiday gift guide gardenstead

50+ Best Gifts for Gardeners 2020

Looking to impress the gardeners and houseplant parents in your life this holiday season? This holiday gift guide for gardeners has 50-plus special gift ideas that are sure to delight plant lovers of all stripes.

picking apples

A Guide to Apple Picking

It’s more than just apples you’ll be coming home with; it’s family memories that will last a lifetime.

miracle fruit

Miracle Fruit: A Surprise for Your Sweet Tooth

Have you ever heard of a small berry called miracle fruit? This fruit is a native to West Africa, it’s an evergreen shrub that grows in tropical climates. Miracle fruit is also known as miracle berry or its scientific name, Synsepalum dulcificum.

Garden Decorations

Don’t forget to add some fun decorations to the best part of your home, the garden! Penny at Happy Days Farm has an amazing autumn vibe happening down in her raised beds.

Hemisphere Envy!

We can’t help but feel a little envious of our gardening friends from the southern hemisphere. While our gardens are either done for the season or winding down, folks in the southern hemisphere are just kicking things off!

G is for Garden table

G is for Garden Preschool Curriculum

G is for garden is a fun way to introduce your child to the joy and wonder of gardening, practice letter recognition and improve motor skills.

Pumpkin Adventures

Beanie we are so jealous of your perfect pumpkin! Are you planning to visit a pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect one? Did you plant your own pumpkin patch? Show us your pumpkin adventures!

Autumn Vegetables

How is your fall garden growing? Thanksgiving is only a month away are you going to be harvesting some garden fresh veggies to serve with your thanksgiving meal?

Lilly Ann in the pumpkin patch

Support Your Local Pumpkin Patch

When it’s time to pick up a fall pumpkin, think outside the big box store and head to the pumpkin patch to support local farmers.

Kimber's watermelon

How to Determine When to Harvest Watermelon

Did you grow watermelon for the first time this year? When do you harvest watermelon? Why are the leaves changing? You probably have a few questions. Luckily, you’re in the right spot for some quick answers.

Acorn Squash by kim daniels via unsplash

Acorn Squash: From Garden to Table

Will acorn squash be on your table this fall? Did you grow acorn squash in your garden this year? I hope the answer to both is yes! Acorn squash is a favorite of many gardeners.

Hurried Harvest!

Maggie quickly harvested this beautiful mixed basket under the light of her headlamp before a frost came! We have definitely been there before.

Homegrown Regrown!

How awesome is this that smarterbynature grew their first fresh pineapple from the top off of a grocery store pineapple! We love regrowing things to keep the harvest growing.

Row Cover frost

Coping with that first chill!

Jack Frost nipping at your plants already? Here’s how you can be prepared and know you’ve got things covered when the chill moves in!

kimber with black beauty eggplant

Is it an Eggplant or an Aubergine?

Do you call it an eggplant or aubergine? Is it a fruit or a vegetable? How do you eat it? So many questions! Here are the answers.

garden row cover

Why You Should Use Row Covers

Row covers are one of the best tools gardeners can have. They are a great way to keep pests out and extend the growing season, both in the spring and fall. Row covers are spun-bonded or woven material such as plastic, polyester or polypropylene.

Andreina spotlight

Urban Gardening with Andreina

Andreina, originally from Ecuador, is an urban gardener in Virginia, USA. She makes an amazing mojito with mint straight from her garden, shares produce with friends and neighbors and offers help to new gardeners.

Greenhouse Goals!

What an incredible job Holli did decorating her greenhouse for fall! We’ve got a little envy of it over here.

Kimber in her garden

How Gardening Helped Me Breathe

In the incredibly busy world we live in, sometimes we get so caught up that we forget to breathe. Covid-19 has given many of us the time to be still and listen to ourselves and gardening has given me the space to breathe.

Tomato and Herbed Cheese Puff Pastry!

This tomato tart by Luay looks absolutely delicious, and is a great way to use up that surplus of cherry tomatoes wee inevitably have at the end of the season!

Corn - photo by Phoenix Han via unsplash

The Wild History of Corn

Did you know corn doesn’t grow in the wild? Corn, also known as maize, comes from the domestication of an ancient grass called teosinte. About 9,000 years ago maize was domesticated in south-central Mexico.

Carved Pumpkins - Photo by Jen Theodore via unsplash

The Legends behind Jack O’Lanterns

The legends of jack o’lanterns (or jack-o’-lanterns) are surprisingly ones many people don’t seem to know. Why do we carve pumpkins and why do we call them jack o’lanterns? I love a good story, especially Irish folklore.

Harvest Isn’t Over Yet!

Looks like Mona had a great harvest this week! With strange temperature fluctuations and off-the-wall weather in various parts of the world, some folks are having their growing season cut short.

Noodle Beans!

Holy smokes! Check out these super long Chinese Red Noodle Beans that Joshua is growing! We love how unique they are! Are you growing any specialty vegetables this year?

Tomato Canning 101

Interested in canning your own homemade pasta sauce? Follow my adventure in the kitchen with Ms. Marion to learn how to can.

Weekend Gardener

We think Kelly nailed it with this one! The best thing about long weekends is having more time to spend in the garden!

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is a set of practices that minimizes any negative impact of gardening on human health and the environment.

Handsome Harvest!

Another gorgeous blend of flowers and veggies by raleighcityfarm! We love their message on the importance of urban farms, bringing much needed fresh food and agriculture education to city-dwellers!

11 Things you should be doing in September

September is a great time to be in the garden. The cooler weather is a warm welcome after a long hot summer. Don’t put your feet up and relax yet though. There’s still work to be done! Here are 11 things you should be doing in the garden in September.

Make Zoodles with Homegrown Zucchini

What are zoodles and how do you make them? All you need is a spiralizer and some zucchini and you’re on your way to a tasty dinner.

Tomato Sandwiches Never Looked So Good!

Check out these richly colored open faced sandwiches from mustloveherbs! They’re making us want to break out the bread and a fresh tomato. Do you make tomato sandwiches with your harvest?

How to Host an Awesome Broccoli Party

A broccoli party? Who would ever think of such a theme? Our daughter, that’s who. This Pinterest mom couldn’t say no. Read all about our super awesome broccoli inspired birthday party so you can host one as well.

Beets! A Guide on How-To: Plant, Maintain & Harvest

Whether it be summer, spring or fall (or even winter if planted in a coldframe!) beets are tolerant of both hot and cool weather. Plant them early in the spring season or late into the summer for a fall or early winter harvest.

The History of the Tomato

From their Andrean origins to their global success, tomatoes have had an extraordinary journey through time.

How George Washington Inspired My Garden Evolution

Almost 221 years after George Washington’s passing, he’s still making an impact on Americans. I was not inspired to lead a movement, to join the military, or to write a poem or song. No, it was much simpler than that. I was inspired to evolve my garden.

How to Take Instagram-Worthy Harvest Photos

Whether you’re searching to improve the quality of your garden-based photos or desiring more engagement and likes, here’s a list of gardenstead’s do’s and don’ts catered specifically to improving your harvest photography skills.

Huge Harvest!

Whoa! Check out the size of Liz’s harvest! It looks absolutely fantastic. Have you grown some super-huge veggies this year? Show us below!

Creating A Bee-Friendly Garden

With an estimated drop of nearly 40% in North American bee colonies in 2018 alone, the impacts of our environmental footprint cannot be denied. Read on to discover more about these vital creatures, and how we can help them.

All Coming Together

What a fantastic setup from Katie! She’s using a traditional three-sisters planting, raising bees, and composting! We can’t wait to see the bountiful harvest the rest of the season brings her.

How to Grow Cauliflower

You may have heard that cauliflower is not the easiest of veggies to grow, although true, the feeling of harvesting your own delicious head of cauliflower is greatly rewarding.

How to Identify & Choose the Right Pumpkin or Winter Squash

Pumpkin season is upon us. Now is the time to harvest and enjoy pumpkins and winter squash, but can you identify the different varieties? Here’s our fall guide to choosing the right pumpkin or squash for your next autumn inspired meal.

Planning Your Fall Garden

You waited all winter to plant your spring garden and after that last frost (finally!) you were able to plant. You harvested all of your fruits and vegetables with pride and joy this summer. Don’t get comfortable yet though, there’s still time to plant more.

How to Attract Beneficial Birds

There are many birds that are helpful in the garden, and there are those that are not. Here’s how to attract the right ones.

Ladybugs, A Gardener’s Best Friend

While we often focus on the “bad bugs” we forget there are many “good bugs” that reside in our gardens as well, some are actually necessary for the success of our fruits and veggies.

The Vegetable Gardening Book You Need

If you are new to gardening or are looking for a better way to stay organized and on schedule with planting and harvesting, this is a great resource.

Pilar’s Adventures in Vertical Gardening

This month we’re featuring a community member who ventured into vertically growing watermelon! Meet Pilar Cutler and discover her amazing pantyhose hanging watermelon that she lovingly grows in a small town in Virginia, USA.

Repurposing in the Garden

Check out the amazing repurposing of this ladder from Mona!! Not only is it a fantastic trellis, but look how cute it is with the birdhouse on top! How do you repurpose things in your garden?

How to Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers fresh from the garden, sliced with a little bit of salt, are so much better than what you get from the grocery store. Garden cucumbers are so fresh and delicious and pretty straightforward to grow on your own!

Canine Approved!

What a great harvest from Marie! We love that her dogs get to tag along with her. Do you have any pets that “help” you tend the garden? We’d love to see them below!

What on Earth is Moon Gardening?

Moon Gardening — What is that? You may ask. Sure, it sounds like some sort of psychedelic experience, doesn’t it? Or maybe something out of a sci-fi story! Curious? Read on to discover what moon gardening is all about.

All About Tomatoes

Read on to learn all about tomatoes including fun facts, health benefits, how to grow tomatoes, how to identify and treat diseases and pests.

Harvest Only Challenge

What a gorgeous harvest! Mark is undertaking a fantastic challenge of only eating food he can produce on his own property, for three whole weeks! Have you ever tried a similar challenge? Let us know how it turned out!

Refrigerator Pickles

We are loving the colors in these “refrigerator pickles” by mustloveherbs! What is your favorite go-to pickling recipe?

Gardening with Children

Gardening with children can be an amazing and fun learning opportunity for the whole family.

Emily’s Canned Cucumbers

Our awesome moderator Emily posted her process of canning cucumbers over the weekend! Are you feeling inspired?

Bush Beans – An Easy Going Plant

Bush beans are the dandelion of the vegetable world, not that they’re a weed, but that they will grow anywhere and everywhere.

How to Grow Potatoes

Growing potatoes in the ground is much easier than you might think. If you’re new to growing potatoes, you’ll love how simple it is. Potatoes are an easy crop that need little attention.

Pearl and her Farmacy Farmstand

Pearl is an extremely knowledgeable, delightful and positive member of our Vegetable Garden group on Facebook who gardens in a small town in Northern Illinois, USA.

Diary of a Vegetable Gardener – White Mold

I read a lot about hilling with straw before deciding to use that as well. Never, did I encounter anything about white mold. I instantly googled “white mold in growing potatoes.”

How to Deal with Garden Pests

Insects, often referred to as garden pests, are a natural part of the cycle of growing food. Don’t fret, it means your garden is alive but let’s take a closer look into finding some balance.

Three Essential Garden Tools You Need

When space is limited, both in the garden and in your storage area, versatility is key. With these three must-have tools, less is more.

Summer Squash Growing Guide

Our guide to get your summer squash from seed to table. These fast-growers can produce large amounts of fruits, resulting in summer long harvests.

Donna’s Life Long Gardening Journey

Introducing our new series, “gardenstead spotlight.” Where we highlight people like Donna, whose gardening passion travelled with her from Guyana, South America to Canada.

Hardening-Off Seedlings

When you grow vegetables and flowers from seed inside your home, there is one very important step called “hardening off” that you need to take before planting outside.

companion planting

Companion Planting Guide

Ally, friend, confidant, co-worker, bff, whatever you want to call them, did you know that plants have natural companions too. When planted next to each other these plants can help one another thrive in the garden.

Goodbye to Leggy Seedlings

If you’re new to using grow lights you may be surprised by just how close your seedlings need to be them. It’s close! It’s very very close!

What is: “As Soon As The Soil Can Be Worked?”

“As soon as the soil can be worked,” may be a phrase you’ve come across when reading about when to start your garden. This vague phrase may have you scratching your head in confusion.

How to Grow Kale

Due to its resilient nature kale is suitable to grow in hardiness zones 2-10. Which is pretty much all of them! It’s a cool-weather crop which makes it ideal for spring or fall harvests.

How-To: Plant, Harvest & Cure Garlic

I grow homegrown garlic each year because it has ten times more flavor than garlic in the grocery store. Bonus, it’s easy to grow – all you need is patience.

Buying Seedlings – A Guide for Success

If you’ve ever found yourself at your local garden centre gazing upon rows of seedlings, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to buy – this short comprehensive guide is for you.

Ten Tips for Planting Tomatoes

One of the most popular homegrown vegetables is the good ol’ tomato. These tips can be applied to planting tomatoes in the ground, in a raised bed or into a large container.

Planting Peas

Easy “Pea-sy” Pea Planting

A step-by-step guide to planting peas. Plus, a little experiment on whether to soak or not to soak peas before you plant them.

Growing Carrots In Containers - Update 1

Carrots in Containers: Update

Watch the video above to see how our growing carrots in a container project is progressing.

Growing Carrots In Containers

Maybe you’ve tried carrots in the past only to have grown a wee little thing that might somewhat resemble a carrot. I’m here to urge you to try again BUT in a container!

Pole Beans

Five Veggies to Grow from Seed

Growing vegetables from seed shouldn’t be daunting. The following five veggies are easy for beginners to grow from seed – in the ground, a raised bed, or in a container.

Getting Started: Growing From Seed

Seed starting is as personal and diverse as gardeners themselves. But if buying seedlings that are ready to plant is so easy… why commit the time and energy to grow from seed?

Two Tomatillos On A Plant

Why I Grow… Tomatillos

If you were to ask me: “Jaz, what’s your favorite crop to grow in the garden right now?” My answer would be the diligent, delightful and delicious garden goodie: the tomatillo.

full library


How to Grow Asian Greens

Asian greens are the perfect, easy-to-grow addition to any vegetable garden. They are perfect for stir-fry, soups and salads. Making them a must-have in your garden and kitchen!

Tower Garden

This vertical planter is a great add to any garden. If you’re short of space this could save you!

Garden Pest

Planning ahead for this year’s garden may also include how to keep pests at bay. Chickens may be a solution for you! They love foraging for bugs in the garden.

Magic Beans

These beans do look magical! We love seeing a rainbow of colors. These Scarlet runner beans have the best coloration!

A Children’s Garden

Starting them young in the garden. We love this children’s garden. Having children play and explore the garden is a great way to teach them.