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What You Don’t Know About Your Alocasia Polly

Alocasia polly has become an increasingly popular houseplant. What we’ve also seen is people worrying about a yellow leaf. Surprise, surprise, this plant is not like other plants! We’ve listed a few things you should know about your Alocasia polly.

1. Yellow leaves do not mean something is wrong with your plant. Yup, you read that right. Doesn’t make sense? Before you give up, check where the yellow leaf is. If it’s at the bottom chances are it’s the oldest leaf, which will inevitably drop due to age. Dropping old leaves allows the plant to focus more energy on growing new leaves.

2. Alocasia pollies also go dormant during fall and winter. This is another reason your plant may have yellowing leaves.
3. Alocasia polly are a little different than your regular houseplant. This plant grows from what’s called bulbs or tubers, which is also why it goes dormant.
4. Don’t worry about any of this! Even though your Alocasia polly’s leaves turn yellow or begin to go dormant, it WILL grow back next Spring or Summer. And we’re going to tell you how with the right soil, water, and light.
5. In spring change the soil using a mixture of peat-based soil, orchid bark, and perlite. Water the soil often enough to be kept moist. Although, the more light your plant gets the more water it will need. During the winter you can allow the soil to dry out a little bit more than in the summer.
Lastly, when we’re thinking of plant care for an Alocasia polly it’s helpful to think of the plant’s origin. It makes sense a humid loving plant originates from Asia’s rainforests. Keeping that in mind, give this plant the best spot you have in your home with bright, indirect light and some humidity.

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  1. Do Pollys like to be root bound?

  2. What if my Alocasia Polly does NOT go dormant?

  3. What if it doesn’t go dormant? Help please!

    • My plant the leafs got brown and all dead

      • This may be a sign that your plant has gone dormant. Alocasia polly grows from bulbs or tubers which is why it goes dormant. It should be back next spring or summer.

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