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Monstera plant

Why are some monstera varieties so expensive?

Have you ever been shopping for plants but have just been so confused by the plant prices? Maybe the prices feel as though they make no sense? Well there is actually a lot of reasoning behind the pricing of plants, that causes some to be so expensive. The Monstera plant is one of the most expensive plants in the world and can cost all the way up to $5,000 depending on the variety.

I know you might be thinking to yourself “for that much money, I could be buying a lot more than just one houseplant” I know it can feel a bit unreasonable, which is why we will be going over the reasoning behind houseplant prices and why some of them cost an arm and a leg.

Monstera plant

What makes these plants so expensive?

The Monstera plant is a beautiful tropical plant and it is also commonly known as “The Swiss Cheese plant” because this plant ranges in color from green to white, and it has holes all over their leaves. Some Monstera varieties are so sought after, but only a handful of lucky people can get their hands on these gems.

The variegated Monstera plants are the varieties that are known not only for their beautifully white spotted leaves, but also for their hefty price tag.

The variegated Monstera produces less chlorophyll, which causes the plant to photosynthesize less as well. There is a great deal of difficulty and skill to growing this plant, which in turn makes it extremely rare.

There are 5 main varieties of variegated Monstera:

  1. Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Borsigiana’
  2. Monstera deliciosa ‘Aurea’
  3. Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’
  4. Monstera deliciosa ‘Variegata’
  5. Mint Monstera

The Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Borsigiana’ is considered the most rare of the variegated Monstera varieties and people have paid thousands of dollars for this houseplant!

monstera plant variegated
monstera variegated in a pot

The rarity of these variegated Monstera plants is due to the fact of how challenging it is to grow. Usually the more rare something is, the more people want it. People want things that others can’t have, and the lower the supply, the higher the demand becomes. This plant has been seen everywhere, it is all over social media and it has made its way into many magazines. It has certainly become one of the most popular plants in 2021!

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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