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weird carrots

Why your vegetables grew into weird shapes

Have you ever noticed your vegetables did not grow into its regular shape and instead its shape turned a little wonky? Sometimes this does happen, but don’t worry there are ways to prevent it for the future. For the most part your wonky shaped vegetables are still edible. However, many people will throw away misshapen vegetables and it is a large cause of food waste. This quirky little mistake is nothing to be afraid of, we will be going through some of the possible causes of deformed vegetables!

weird carrots

Causes of deformed veggies:

For ground vegetables like carrots and parsnips it is very important that the soil is not compacted or is too heavy, as it can cause the vegetables to be short and deformed. Your soil can be compacted no matter what type of soil you have. To keep your soil loose make sure to add lots of compost and other organic matter to the soil to help before planting.

As well make sure that there aren’t any large rocks or things that could prevent the vegetables from growing properly into the soil. Rocky soil can cause the vegetables to grow around it which can lead to deformed root vegetables.

weird potatoes

Poor pollination:
Cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and pumpkins all require insect pollination. If there aren’t as many insects in your garden, the pollination process does not happen which causes deformed vegetables. To increase pollination you can plant flowers such as geranium and echinacea, or you can also plant herbs like lavender, oregano and thyme. Planting these will not only increase pollinators but they will also provide you with tasty herbs. You could also self-pollinate the flowers for these plants.

weird cucumber

The temperature can also affect the insects in your garden. Whether it is too hot or too cold it can kill off certain insects that are necessary for your garden.

When growing vegetables it is important to fertilize your garden. However, too much fertilizer can cause some vegetables to grow wonky. As your vegetables become more mature, they will need less fertilizer, so keep that in mind while gardening.

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