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dead nettle plant

Best plants to grow in the shade

If you are thinking of growing plants in your garden but are worried that it may not get enough sun, don’t worry there are a wide variety of plants that are able to grow in the shade.

Not everyone gets full sun in their garden and that is okay, as long as you plan accordingly and aim to choose plants that are able to grow well in these conditions.

dead nettle plant

What plants grow well in the shade?

These are 6 great plants that fair well in the shade.

1. Ferns: This plant is great for growing in partial shade with moist soil.

2. Impatiens: These plants are able to grow in the shade and are able to produce beautiful flowers. However, be careful with this plant because it is very susceptible to powdery mildew, so this plant may need a little extra care.

3. Dead Nettle: This plant blooms in the early summer months and fairs well in the shade. This plant does spread, but is not invasive, and if you see it spreading a little more than your liking, they are easy enough to remove.


4. Astilbe: This plant has stunning flower plumes, and it needs shade because the plumes are more sensitive to the sun.

5. Foamflower: Also known as Tiraella, this plant blooms in the late spring and produces little bundles of white flowers. These flowers are very delicate which is why it is important that they don’t get too much sun.

6. Hellebores: This plant is very beautiful but very strong, it blooms in late winter or early spring and it has colorful flowers.

pink hellebore plant

Things to keep in mind

  • While these plants need mostly shade, they do still need some sunlight even if it is very little.
  • These plants need a good fertilized organic soil to help them grow.
  • Don’t forget, while they may not need sun they still need water.

There are many varieties of plants that can grow in the shade. So don’t worry if you don’t get lots of sunlight because these plants are perfect for shady gardens.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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