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consultations by gardenstead

Introducing: Consultations by gardenstead

Connecting gardening experts to gardeners

One of the greatest joys of gardening is that most of the time, the whole point of the enterprise is essentially, to just try things and see what happens. And, more often than not, plants will thrive, given reasonable resources with which to grow: sunlight, water, and decent/appropriate soil.

But. There are times when every gardener could use a little expert advice.

It could be you need to troubleshoot a problem — a persistent houseplant pest, or, to find out why your favourite plant’s leaves are suddenly droopy or yellowing, for example. Or, perhaps you need advice as to how to maximize yield in a small space vegetable garden. You might want to save time and money by talking with an expert to get right to the heart of a plant concern (instead of consulting the internet, hmm). In short, the reasons you might want to bend the ear of a gardening consultant are as numerous as plants themselves.

Consultations by gardenstead

All of this is why we’re launching a new service: Consultations by gardenstead. So that anyone who needs a little help in the garden can book a one-on-one appointment with a gardening expert to get professional, experience-honed advice.

From garden planning to soil health to invasive species management to how to choose native plants for your garden and more, our experts will share their expertise so you can help your plants thrive.

5 reasons to consult a gardening expert

It’s true that there are myriad reasons to consult a gardening expert, with individual plants and regional environments presenting their particular concerns. But, based on conversations with gardeners about why they might like to speak with an expert, we’ve rounded up a sturdy top five of reasons below.

Gardening knowledge and expertise

Gardening experts have in-depth knowledge of plants, soil, and regional climate effects. They can provide advice and tips on how to amend soil, deal with drought, and how to choose plants for a garden’s conditions (sun, shade, and soil). Expert advice can help gardeners create and maintain a healthy, resilient garden — outdoors or in.

Plant problem-solving capabilities

If your houseplant has a pest problem (eg: aphids or thrips, anyone?), or your vegetable garden has a curious case of powdery mildew (or slugs, or cabbage worms, or leaf hoppers or…), a gardening expert can suggest earth- and plant-friendly solutions. They can also advise about soil deficiencies, over- or under-watering problems, concerns about light (too little or too much) and so much more.

Personalized gardening and plant solutions

Perhaps the biggest advantage of speaking to a gardening consultant is that you can get customized solutions for your particular problem. Or, alternatively, answers to your particular question(s). Providing a consultant with relevant details about your garden or indoor plants — soil, location, light, and other conditions — will allow them to provide a tailor-made solution or plan, just for you.

Solutions for the long term

Speaking to a gardening expert can help you solve your current problem or answer your immediate questions. But, the expertise you acquire can serve you and your garden over the long term. Learning how to properly amend soil, for example, is knowledge that you can apply indefinitely.

Save time and money with a gardening consultation

When you present your plant problem or question to a gardening consultant, they (as mentioned above) provide you with a solution or answers based on your growing conditions or concerns. Speaking to a consultant will save the time you might have taken looking for answers that didn’t quite match your concern or growing region. You’ll save money by not trying to apply incorrect approaches that ultimately don’t work for your garden or houseplant situation.

If you’d like to speak to one of our gardening consultants, click the button below to meet our experts and book a one-on-one appointment, at a time that works for you.

Here’s to thriving gardens, healthy plants and great gardening plans.

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