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How to grow healthy pumpkins this season

There are so many kinds of pumpkins you can grow, and it will certainly add a beautiful fall look to your garden. Caring for pumpkins may be a challenge, however it’ll be worth it when it comes time to harvest! Here are our tips for growing healthy pumpkins this season.

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Growing, caring and harvesting pumpkins

Garden space and vines:

Pumpkin vines can grow up to 20 feet so make sure that you give your pumpkins enough space to grow in your garden. If you are growing them in a raised garden bed, make sure to plant them on the edge so the vines can grow off. When the pumpkins are young it is easy to move the vines, however as they start to grow flowers and pumpkins you shouldn’t be moving the vines around.


Pumpkins should also get a good watering once a week. In the hot sun, the leaves can get wilted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be watered again, once the sun goes down you should notice your leaves perk back up.

Soil and fertilizer:

Before planting your pumpkins it is important to test the pH of your soil, to help determine its possible needs. Use an all-purpose vegetable fertilizer, to provide your garden with the nutrients it needs.

pumpkin flower


After months of growing your pumpkins, they will finally be ready for harvesting! You will know for sure that they are ready to be harvested when it turns the expected color, the vines start declining, and when you poke it with your finger nail the skin should be hard and you shouldn’t be able to poke through it. Once you harvest your pumpkins they will stop turning orange once it is picked. However, if a frost is coming you don’t want to leave your pumpkins outside, as it will damage the fruits. You want to cut the pumpkins off using pruning shears and make sure to leave a few inches of the stem attached.

Once you’ve harvested your pumpkins, you’re all set to try our delicious pumpkin pie recipe using homegrown pumpkins!

pumpkin harvest
Have fun growing your pumpkins!

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