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How to grow your own coffee plant

The coffee plant originated from Ethiopia, and it actually makes a great houseplant. In the spring this plant sprouts little white flowers and small berries that gradually turn from green to black. Each of the little fruits contain two seeds which are actually the coffee beans used in your morning coffee. However, it will take years after planting before it starts to produce fruit or flowers. It is important to note that other than these seeds the rest of the plant is toxic and can be harmful to humans and pets so make sure you keep this plant away from your dogs and cats. If you have pets at home, check out our list of common toxic and non-toxic houseplants to keep your furry friends safe.

An indoor coffee plant is usually only grown for its physical appearance and not really for its actual coffee production as it takes years to grow the plant for its beans. Especially indoors makes it more challenging to grow the plant for coffee. Nonetheless this plant makes a beautiful houseplant, and is a must have plant!

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How to care for a coffee plant:

As this plant originates from Ethiopia it is important that you are able to provide similar conditions to what it would receive in nature. You can grow this plant outdoors if the conditions are similar, however, if not your best bet would be to grow it indoors. Start growing this plant during the early spring and if you live in a cooler climate make sure that the temperature is kept consistently warm for this plant.

The coffee plant does well with:

  • bright indirect light, preferably placed near a window. Too much harsh direct sunlight will lead to the leaves browning.
  • acidic soil with good drainage and a pH of 6.0.
  • soil needs to be kept constantly moist, make sure it doesn’t get too much water, which is why a good drainage system is essential. However, never let the soil get completely dried out.

Tips for coffee plants to produce fruit and flowers:

If you are hoping for your coffee plant to produce fruit and flowers the optimal day-time temperature is between 70-80ºF, as you want the plant to grow at a gradual and steady pace. Warmer temperatures can speed up the growing process but it may make it more difficult for the plant to produce fruit. Additionally, this plant needs high humidity levels and should be misted daily to keep the humidity levels high.

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Best plant variety for growing indoors:

Coffea arabica ‘Nana’: This variety is great for growing indoors. It is a dwarf variety meaning it is smaller than the average coffee plant and it only grows to about 12 inches tall. Coffee plants can sometimes grow quite big and if you are just looking for a smaller houseplant this variety is perfect.

Common diseases and pests:

  • Mealybugs
  • Mites
  • Aphids

You will notice small webs, white powder or the actual bugs on your plants. The minute you notice it is important that you treat it immediately. For tips on how to overcome these pests, check out our guide to dealing with houseplant pests.

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